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Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn

Recording date: May 4, 2008
Engineers: Peter Bakker, Aram Verwoest, Rene de Zoete

The Original Vredenburg Concert Hall, also part of the Altiverb Impulse Response Library, is being rebuilt until the year 2012. In the mean time symphonic concerts in Utrecht the Netherlands are held in this completely new Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn hall, also known as the Red Box. The large hall sounds open, warm and balanced, and surprisingly loud for its size and appearance. Audio Ease had plenty of time to create a wide variety of impulse responses. There are seven speaker positions on stage, one center stage, and 3 sets of stereo speakers, in various combinations with 8 microphone positions.

Audio Ease used these Impulse Responses previously in a demo movie called
‘Is It Real Or Is It Altiverb ?’, showing how close music played back in an actual Hall is to the same music played through Altiverb Impulse Responses of that Hall. ‘Is It Real Or Is It Altiverb ?’ can be found at Audio

As usual the recordings were made using Genelec 1037 speaker
and DPA 4006 TL microphones.

DOWNLOAD Vredenburg 2 IR set [26 MB]
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