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1st and second class waiting room royal waiting room

1st-2nd class and royal waiting rooms
Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht

Recording date:Nov 8, 2005
Engineers: Arjen van der Schoot & Aram Verwoest

The Utrecht Maliebaan Station, a train station from the 19th century, has completely been renovated to its original state from the year 1874.
First and second class waiting rooms, a luxurous dinner hall and even toilets in 19th century style work like a time-traveling portal: taking you 2 centuries back in history.
The royal waiting room from 1892 origins from the State Railways from The Hague (The Netherlands) and have been transported to Utrecht and built in the Maliebaan train station to complete it.

Recorded using a Tannoy Reveal monitor Speaker, a Sony car radio, 4 DPA omni dimenrional microphones and a powerbook with Digital Performer and the Metric Halo Mobile I/O audio interface.

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