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Todd AO, CBS Radford, Studio City California

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Todd-AO Scoring Stage
CBS Radford, Studio City California
Engineers: Marc Gebauer (Todd-AO) Brad Cobb (DMT Rentals).
Date: June 20 2005.

The Todd-AO stage is historic and is on a short-list of such large facilities in the U.S. Original owner Republic Pictures was awarded a special Oscar in 1945 for building "an outstanding musical scoring auditorium which provides optimum recording conditions.” The Stage earned its position in the 1959 printing of the Audio Cyclopedia. The stage has had a 60+ year film scoring career, matched by no other.

The process: "Marc and I sampled the stage in the spring of 2005, using Simon Rhodes' mics and speaker. We sampled from midnight on to avoid any extraneous city noises. The stage’s acoustical dampening panels, were all down for this session. We placed a B&W 801D in (9) measured positions and did (9) sweeps, never moving the microphones. We used a Pro Tools HD rig, with Genex I/O at 48k. The podium mics were Neumann M150s through Avalon preamps. We used B&K 4006 through SSL Console preamps on the surrounds. These IRs were used at Todd-AO for 2 years, prior to being sent to Audio Ease for Post production in December 2007 It’s incredibly sad, on many levels, to see Todd-AO close. I’m glad we’ll always have these sonic pictures in Altiverb." -Brad

Download the complete Todd-AO IR set [15.5 mb]
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