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Kings College Chapel King's College Chapel, Cambridge, UK

Engineer: Arjen van der Schoot

King's College Chapel is the chapel to King's College of the University of Cambridge, and it is considered one of the finest examples of late Perpendicular Gothic English architecture. The chapel itself was built in phases by a succession of Kings of England from 1446 to 1515, a period which spanned the Wars of the Roses. However, the chapel's large stained glass windows were not completed until 1531, and its early Renaissance rood screen was only erected in 1532-36. The chapel continues to be an active house of worship, and is renowned as the home of the King's College Choir. It is also a significant site for tourists, as well as being a commonly used symbol of the city of Cambridge.

The chapel derives much of its fame from the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, broadcast worldwide to millions on Christmas Eve every year, and the TV service Carols from King's which accompanies it.

The samples were made at the east side, the choir side, using 6 DPA 4006 omnis and a Genelec 1037.

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