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Halle Aux Grains

Toulouse, France
Recording Date: Dec 12 2004
Engineers: Arjen van der Schoot, Alain Etchart

This majestic building was formerly a market hall for the grain market. In 1974, the place acquires a new use: it becomes the official residence of the Orchestra of Capitole, thanks to the acoustic quality of the building it hosts a broad array of performances: orchestral pieces, operas, ballets, and, occasionally, variety shows.
A Genelec 1037 was used to play back the sweep, 4 DPA 4006 OMni's were used to record it, into a MH Labs Mobile IO Interface.

This set offers mono, stereo and surround impulse response sets.

Download Halle Aux Grains IR Set [8.8 mb]
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