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Garden Hall, Schloss Esterházy
Eisenstadt, Austria

The Garden Hall has a smooth early reflection pattern, and for the size of the room it has an unusual long reverb tail, which is also quite bright and dense.

The splendid Baroque residence palace built by Carlo Martino Carlone for Prince Paul IV Esterházy (1635–1713) between 1663 and 1672 transforming the medieval castle. Prince Paul Anton Esterházy (1711–1762), Prince Nicholas Joseph Esterházy (1714–1790) and Prince Nicholas II Esterházy (1765–1833) were the patrons of the composer Joseph Haydn (1732–1809), who worked here from 1761 for 30 years as court conductor. The precious festival hall, today called Haydn-Saal, was the room where Haydn conducted uncounted performances which were also visited by such famous guests as Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz List, but also by Lady Hamilton or Admiral Nelson.

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